Laser Powder Build-up Welding (Cladding)

with LDF diode laser 6000 W


We repair, clad and form surfaces.

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Cladding facility
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Our performance portfolio:

  • Cladding, repairing and building up of metal components 
  • Homogeneous microstructures with secure bond to the workpiece 
  • Metallurgical bond between cladding and base materials 
  • Sea water resistant, protection against cavitation, wear protection, regeneration, up to 60 HRC possible 
  • CNC-controlled: stable process -> reproducible 
  • Function-oriented and build-up that precisely follows the contour 
  • System is suitable for the cladding of large mechanical engineering components 
  • We can combine it with thermal cladding processes



Process parameters:

max. output power:              6000 W (LDF diode laser)

max. workpiece length:        12,000 mm

max. processing diameter:    2,000 mm

max. workpiece weight:        12,000 kg up to 6,000 mm length

                                         (otherwise 20,000 kg)

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Contact: Thermal Coating/Mechanical Production/Honing/Cladding

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