Mechanical production

We perform mechanical processing, e.g. drilling (also mobile), turning, milling and spherical grinding, to drawings or customer specifications up to the following dimensions on an array of different machinery.

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Boring machine

Typ: W 100 A

  • Cross adjustment of table X : 1.600 mm
  • Longitudinal adjustment of table Z : 1.250 mm
  • Pushing working spindle W : 900 mm
  • Clamping surface : 1.250 x 1.250 mm

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Turning machines

for the following production sizes

  • ø 1.250 mm x 12.000 mm
  • ø 950 mm x 8.000 mm (and smaller)
  • ø 2.000 mm x 6.000 mm

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Grinding machines

Cetos grinding lathe up to 6,000 mm
Studer CNC grinding machine up to 1,600 mm

Cylindrical grinding for

  • 1.600 mm spacing; ø 450 mm (CNC machine)
  • 6.000 mm spacing; ø 850 mm (Grinding lathe)

Cylindrical grinding with support for

  • ø 2.000 mm x 6.000 mm 
  • ø 1.250 mm x 6.000 mm
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Milling machines and other special tools

Type: FU400 up to 1.800 mm
Type: FNF40 up to 800 mm

Mobile boring machine (Type: BB 500)

  • for borings from 38 mm to 610 mm
  • for machining plane surfaces of up to 400 mm

Transportable welding equipment

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Spherical and internal grinding


  • Swing: 850 mm
  • Spacing: 5000 mm

Max. component weight

  • between centres: 4000 kg
  • in open rests: 5000 kg

The grinding machine with automatic cycle is intended for use on external rotation cylinders and tapered surfaces of components with longitudinal or infeed grinding. It facilitates grinding of face surfaces, internal cylinders and tapered holes.

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Contact: Thermal Coating/Mechanical Production/Honing/Cladding

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